Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips


During winter, our skin is exposed to cold winds, making it look dry and dull. Low humidity and constant movement from indoors (hot climate) to outdoors (cold climate) make it more difficult for our skin to cope. As a result, it can lead to itchy, less radiant, cracked or even bleeding skin. Therefore, it becomes our utmost priority to get indulged in a healthy skincare routine.


Wondering how? Here are some of the dermatologically tested ways to prevent your skin from cold weather.

Moisturize Regularly: Your skin is protected from the environment by moisturizer, especially from the chilly, dry air that can exacerbate already dry skin. Rehydrating and improving the skin's ability to retain water are two additional benefits of moisturizing. Apart from this, you should always go for thick winter moisturizers as they would store moisture within your skin more than lighter creams. Make sure you get the best moisturizer for winters. 

Don’t Take Hot Showers For Long: Taking hot showers relieves coldness and makes us feel warmer. But exposing your skin to hot water for a longer duration would result in dry and patchy skin. Hence, you should try limiting your shower to 10-15 minutes only. And also, try to use lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Keep Yourself Hydrated: Drinking adequate amounts of water will help your skin to lock moisture which in turn makes it look radiant, glowing and healthy skin.

Don’t Exclude Sunscreen: It is important to note that the sun's UV rays do impact in winter as well. We must stick to our routine of applying SPF regularly to prevent our skin from ageing, sunburn and dryness.


Cover Your skin: To protect your skin from chilly winds and extremely cold weather, you should cover your skin. Make use of accessories such as Gloves, scarves, hats etc. to protect your winter skin from getting cold.