What Is Pride Month? Why Is It Celebrated?

What Is Pride Month? Why Is It Celebrated?
As the world prepares to celebrate Pride Month, it's natural to question what it is and why we celebrate it (since there are still a lot of stigmas and a lack of awareness surrounding Pride).
What is Pride Month?
Every June, the globe commemorates Pride Month, which honours the LGBTQ+ population and their right to a decent existence. Pride is about individuals getting together to demonstrate and celebrate how far gay rights have progressed and how much work remains to be done.
Equality, acceptance, education on pride history, and, above all, love are all important aspects of Pride Month. Throughout the month, we educate others and ourselves about the dangers of homophobia and why it must be eradicated. It's about being proud of yourself, regardless of who you love.
Why Do We Celebrate Pride Month?
The Stonewall Riots of 1969 served as the impetus for Pride. The Stonewall Uprising took place in New York City, USA, on June 28, 1969. The NYPD would routinely raid LGBT pubs and harass the queer community at the time. The American Constitution also contained rules against homosexuality at the time.
Greenwich Village's Stonewall Inn, one of the most prominent homosexual pubs, was also regularly raided. However, all hell broke loose on that particular day in June, when the LGBT community pushed back and demonstrated for many days. This has a long-term positive impact on the planet.

The following year, on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Christopher Street Liberation Day, the first official Pride march was held, and the practice has continued to this day.
Global Pride Day 2022 will be held on June 28th, as it is every year. Around the world, there are generally colourful parades, concerts, and marches. However, because the Covid-19 epidemic is still present, many people will commemorate it online.
LGBTQ folks and allies have been battling since 1969 for the freedom to marry, adopt children, create families, combat discrimination, hate speech, and hate crimes, and simply allow queer people to exist. While we should be proud of our achievements, we must also be realistic and recognise that we still have a long way to go.
Let's hope that the world accepts love and lovers without prejudice soon. Happy Pride Month, everyone!