Vegan Leather Brands To Indulge In This Winter

by Minakshi Singh on January 04, 2020

The sweater weather, as we call it, is not always about only sweaters. Winters are also about leather jackets and leather boots. However, most of the times we land up spending a huge sum of money on leather goods that aren’t even pure leather to begin with. It’s even harder to find leather accessories if you are vegan. Even if you are not vegan, it’s always nice to have a lighter conscious. No matter what your lifestyle choice may be, these vegan leather brands will surely please you. For minimal designs and reasonable prices, you won’t have to look much farther away from home. Here are our top three Indian vegan leather brands that will surely appeal to you!


Vegan Leather Brands India


This particular brand specialises in leather bags, which are all vegan off course. The designs offered by the brand are timeless and definitely worth the splurge. They offer laptop bags, satchels, handbags, sling bags and much more. The brand has an online store and is also approved by PETA. For all the bag lovers out there, this brand will not disappoint you.


Vegan Leather Brands India


This particular brand is an online exclusive store that sells leather accessories, which are sometimes vintage and sometimes contemporary. Like Broke Mate, Aulive is again approved by PETA and validated by high fashion magazines like Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. It’s safe to say that you can rely on the brand for fashionable and clean leather products.


Vegan Leather Brands India


This brand is not a vegan leather brand but has a great alternative to it. The brand is a sustainable, ethical and vegan brand that makes accessories out of cork. The look of the final product is luxurious in every way. They offer wallets, bags and even stationary products that are unique in style and minimal in aesthetic.