What exactly qualifies as trend nowadays? Well, one thing that we can suggest you for sure is that it is meant to be comfortable, easy breathing. Apart from the feel of the outfit, if it’s eye-catchy then brownie points for you! Fashion trends change faster than the season’s colors and one can pull it off almost everywhere. From coffee dates, online meetings, outdoor dinners or weekend outings; pulling of a season style is something we all should try. So, we’re bringing you the key highlights of the upcoming season below.


This top is known for its feminine touch and design. The highlight of this top is the ruffled or puffed sleeves which are fond of by women all around the world. It is available in a variety of fabrics and patterns in the market and online such as floral print, net sleeves, crepe tops and more. One can easily shop puffed sleeve tops online and add it to their season’s collection right away!


A front wrap top is best known for its overlapping of fabric giving it a suave look. It can often come with a bow around the waist, with puffed sleeves, keyhole waistband and more. Ranging from cotton, crepe, chiffon and ribbed, you can find it in various colors as well.


Accessible in both ethnic and western wear, peplum tops are favored by ladies on a large scale nowadays. The highlight of this top is its defining waistline as it frills down from there, enhancing your waistline and providing an appealing look. Shop peplum top online to experience the peplum fit.


Corsets were initially deigned to hook on the chest to imply an hourglass shape. But gone are the day where the so called “ideal” shape of women was to be bothered about and today corsets have returned with a bang. From sporty to lingerie, corsets are now favored in its versatility. These can be worn as tops over different bottom wear and can also be used to embellish strappy tops or balloon sleeves tops.


These tops are known for a cut out in the chest portion near the neckline or could also be found around the waistline. These not only draw attention towards a beautiful unification of style but also enhances one’s charisma with its unusual pattern.