by Nitisha Maan on October 07, 2021

A corset is an interesting piece of clothing and it has been thriving in the fashion world for a really long time now. However, not a lot of people really know how to put a corset on or how to take care of it, or what to pair it with. These are certain questions that stop people from trying on corsets. 

So, today, we’ve got you a guide answering a few of these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about corsets. By the end of this, you’ll learn enough to lace yourself in one. Keep reading. ;)


 Women in corsets definitely give us the itch of trying the corsets. Seeing them standing tall in their tightly laced corsets is enough to make anyone fall in love. Everything feels great but the thought of trying it for the first time can be pretty terrifying. But a little knowledge will help you to get over that overwhelming feeling. 

The History Of Corsets

The history of corsets goes back to around 500 years ago when people used to use reeds to whalebones to stiffen and shape the bodice. Time passed but the bodice remained an important part of the fashion world. Corsets are highly fetishized these days but it wasn’t always the case. After the mid-1800s, even men started wearing corsets, as back supports. 

Earlier the concept of corsets was to flatten the body from breasts to hips that would make the hips look bigger. Over time, the waistline got smaller which resulted in even more prominent hips & breasts. Later in the Victorian corset era, tight lacing came into trend which allowed women to shrink their waist from 24 inches to 18 inches. 

How To Choose The Right Corset?

There are a few steps to be followed when you’re looking for the right corset. These steps start by measuring your “actual waist size” and getting a corset 2-4 inches below that measurement is perfect, for starters.

Then you’ve to decide if you want an underbust, or overbust, one with straps or strapless. These are your personal choices.

How To Pair A Corset?

Whenever you think about corsets, an image of floor touching skirts immediately comes to mind. But, to be very honest, corsets are highly versatile and go with everything. Be it skinny leather pants or your flowy midi skirts. Wear a pair of heels or a pair of rough & tough boots.

If you’re dressing up by yourself, make sure to wear your boots/shoes first because bending to tie laces after wearing a corset isn’t really an option.

How To Clean Your Corset?

Cleaning a corset isn’t much until and unless you’ve danced all day/night long or have spilled anything on it. If not, then just put it on the chair and let the sweat dry. In case, you’re not satisfied with this and want to do a deep cleaning then you can always wash it. But do NOT ever wash it in the washing machine. This delicate piece of clothing needs to be hand-washed or you can get it dry cleaned. To wash it with hands, take a sponge, dip it in detergent water and dab it all over the surface. Later, rinse it with cold water and blot it with a dry towel, and put it to air dry. Make sure to check that your corset is completely dry before storing it back in the cupboard. 

Here, now you’re ready to wear your very first corset and to own this runway of the world