by Nitisha Maan on August 12, 2021

Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukharjee gets called out by many people for his collaboration with H&M; the Swedish fast-fashion chain. This collection is named ‘WANDERLUST’ and is supposed to be launched on the 12th in 17 markets and 48 online markets.


This, however, may be good news to many as the prices will be cheaper, but the news certainly has offended people who care about conscious clothing. H&M has been accused of unethical practices several times and this is why it is surprising for people to see Sabyasachi Mukharjee associating his brand with it. 

Among many others, Sanjana Rishi, an Indian/American entrepreneur and content creator also raised her disappointment with this news. Sanjana Rishi aka Sanjrish (her Instagram handle) got viral on Instagram for wearing a pantsuit at her wedding. After that, she started talking about conscious clothing and influencing people for the same. 

She expresses her disappointment in this decision made by the Indian designer. What disgusts her is that a lot of Instagram influencers are promoting this collaboration for the free goodies sent by Sabyasachi’s PR team. These influencers have many Instagram followers, which clearly will tempt them to go for this new collection. She said that these influencers are ignoring the underlying issues that persist within H&M. This is a very problematic situation. 

This decision also portrays Sabyasachi as a hypocrite. He always speaks so highly of his Karigars and how much he values them, but this collaboration says otherwise. We’re sure that his Karigars won’t be happy to see their designs getting cheaply mass manufactured. At the least, we hope that the designer remembered his Karigars’ paycheck. 

H&M has been accused of greenwashing several times, which means portraying the brand as more conscious than it actually is. After all this fiasco in the Indian fashion industry, Sabyasachi Mukharjee still has to make a comment on the same.