The Most Popular Trends Of The Year

The Most Popular Trends Of The Year

2019 was a power packed year filled with great fashion moments. From tiny bags to crazy prints, it surely was a year to remember. Every year brings along new trends for everyone. However, this year was extra special for all the ground breaking trends that were set. Some of these may even be carried forward into the New Year. Here are the top 3 trends that we loved and adored this year!



Power dressing came as early as in 2018 and managed to stick around for the whole of next year. The pant suits, the blazers and the vintage power of clothing were not just highlighted but were loved equally worldwide. The Red Carpet events were an example of the same. The obsession with blazers particularly is the one that we think will surely stay through 2020 as well. If you still haven’t managed to get into power dressing, it’s still not too late for it.


Power Dressing 2019


Another one of the trends that caught on as quickly as power dressing was the love for biker shorts. The trend got its validation when each of the Kardashians was spotted rocking it several times throughout the year. The combination of a blazer with biker shorts is the one that received most attention. As the year progressed, the obsession eventually faded out, but it won’t be shocking if the trend returns this year with a newer twist. The most comfortable of all trends, we can only hope its return in the coming spring.


Biker Shorts With Blazer Looks


We cannot end the year without talking about the cutest and the most viral of all trends-the infamous Jacquemus Micro bags. The bags released by the designer spiralled an obsession with tiny and not that useful bags. The bag was used as a true accessory and was soon caught up on by the designers from all over the world. Moreover, towards the end of the year, we saw even tinier versions of the micro bags. These micro bags can barely even fit a nickel, but are surely holding the crown of the accessory of the year.