The Designer Of The Year Of 2019

by Minakshi Singh on January 09, 2020

With the commencing of a new year, it’s only befitting that take a look over our shoulders and re-live some of the best fashion moments from 2019. Our favourite was when Brandon Maxwell won the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Women’s Wear Designer of the Year for 2019. The designer is rather new to the game and to receive such appreciation is the only validation that you will need for his genius. His designs speak a message that is not loud and demanding but reeks of a silent and secure confidence. They represent a woman who knows she looks good.


Brandon Maxwell Designer Of The Year


Brandon Maxwell grew up in Long View, Texas and around a lot of women. He picked up the quality of strength that modern women possess and translated it into his designs. His love for sharp tailoring and structural details is not random. While growing up, Maxwell spent a lot of time with his grandmother, who worked in a boutique at the time. He grew a liking for fashion and art instantly, however, did not attend any design schools as was expected out of him. Brandon instead graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photo-Communication.


After completing his graduation, Maxwell moved to New York and worked as a stylist working with some of the most brilliant names in the industry, including Mario Testino and Nicola Formichetti. Nicola was styling Lady Gaga at the time and it was through her that Maxwell met Gaga for the first time ever, in the year 2010. Two years later, in 2012, you would see Maxwell styling Lady Gaga for all the events and appearances. He took up the position of Gaga’s Fashion Director in 2012 and became her fashion companion for life.


Lady Gaga Met Gala 2018


The two fashion icons are best friends now and this knowledge is known by the world. It was him who styled Gaga for the Met Gala of 2019. The theme was camp and the talented designer managed to dress and undress Gaga, all at the same time at the pink carpet. He was right beside her when her pink majestic gown transitioned into black luxury lingerie. The moment is one of the most iconic fashion moments from this decade.


It was in the year 2015 that Brandon launched his first ready-to-wear collection for the 2016 seasons. In his first few collections, it is hard to not notice the obvious attempt to stick to modern minimalism through his colour palette. He used only black and white and still managed to gain appreciation from some of the most iconic fashion personalities, with Lady Gaga obviously in the  front row.


Brandon Maxwell Designer Of The Year


As the seasons have passed, his style has evolved too, but the founding pillars still stay the same. Strong and iconic women stay as his inspiration and can be seen in the structure of his designs. He has started using more and more colour and stands true to silhouettes and detailing being the fore front players of his designs. Judging with the tremendous amount of success that his brand has gained, the designer is definitely going to be an iconic name among the American designers of his generation.