Style Your Summer Staples For The Winter

by Mahak arora on November 25, 2019

Summers are longer than winters in India, which is what makes us appreciate it even more. But what we don’t appreciate is the fact that our summer wardrobe tends to be larger than our winter wardrobes. As a result, our winter style just becomes basic and boring and our summer clothes out of style. Read on to know the many different ways in which you can easily wear your summer staples during the winters and still be trendy.


Winter Street Style 2019


Summer dresses and rompers can be easily styled in the winters with a pair of stockings and a matching overcoat. Layering is the key in winters. Wear solid black stockings under your dress and wear a matching cardigan, jacket or a blazer to make the look cohesive. You can also add matching accessories like a scarf, a pair of boots and a bag.



We love our crop tops and will always find an excuse to wear them.  Wearing them in the winter would involve not over but under layering. Wear a complementary colour long top under your crop top and you are good to go. Wear boots with heels in case you need to further elongate your legs.



Winter Street Style 2019


Shorts, especially skorts look perfect with a pair of stockings in the winter. In fact the shorter your shorts are the cuter your silhouette will look. Wear boots with heels and throw on some accessories and woollen layers and head out confidently!



All your mini-skirts will need a cropped or an open long cardigan to accompany itself. It will also need thigh high or knee high boots. Put all of these elements together and you will know what we are talking about!


Winter Street Style 2019


The last one and also the most tricky one, a maxi dress will need all kinds of under layering in order to prevent all that cold weather from troubling you. Throw on loads of accessories including a hat and some studded boots. With a maxi dress it’s easy to go overboard with the anti-fit silhouette, however, if add a belt you have nothing to worry about.