Style Your Dresses With A Winter Twist

by Kiran Rawat on November 19, 2019

The winter weather comes with a lot of style hurdles and fashion emergencies. From layering up to being functional, getting your winter style right is not as easy as it sounds. As much as we love wearing dresses, they are probably the most difficult thing to style as per the weather during the cold seasons. However, we have some unique tips and tricks that you can follow while styling your summer dresses for the winter. Continue reading to get your hands on the best winter hacks that are out there!


Winter Styling


Owning warm inner wear in nude and black is a must. You can wear anything in the world if you own these. Make sure you buy the appropriate neckline and you are good to go. Layer it under your summer dresses and no one will ever know the secret behind your warm and comfy style.



This hack is not as per styling dresses but more of a general fashion hack. We all are aware how our hair starts to get charged up whenever we wear something woolen or something warm for that matter. Braiding your hair is the best way to get rid of this problem. There are a lot of options to choose from. You can go for a side braid, a French braid, a top knot, a braided knot, a messy braid and so many more.


Winter Styling


Oversized scarves or scarves in general can change the look of any outfit. Wear it together with your dress, along with or without a matching beanie and watch them transform the look. Layer on a jacket or an open cardigan, if the weather requires it and you are good to go.



Tights and stockings are winter basics that are meant to be in every girl’s wardrobe. Stock up on them if you don’t already own them because they are the most affordable way to give your summer wardrobe a winter makeover. You should have a good variety, however, for starters owning a thick, opaque pair and a sheer, thin one is good enough.


Winter Styling


Boots may not be the most comfortable item on this list, but surely is the most stylish one. For this season slouchy knee-length boots are trending highly. If you want to invest in something new, go ahead shop these. If you don’t want to shop anything new, that’s okay too. We are just suggesting for you to have a good collection of boots. From knee-length to thigh-high and even ankle length, they have the power to transform your ensemble.