Style Guide: How To Style The Teddy Coat

by Minakshi Singh on December 13, 2019

We all are aware of the beautiful trend that is the teddy coat. Deriving its name from a teddy bear, we can only imagine how snuggly it truly would be. Moreover we finally have a trend that will actually keep us warm in the winters. Taking the oversized and the relaxed silhouette a step forward, the teddy coat will keep you looking stylish and feeling warm and cosy, all throughout the day.  As functional as it is fashionable, here are five different ways to style a teddy coat.


 Styling Teddy Coats In 2019


A teddy coat is the perfect mix of casual and chic. To style it casually, pair it up with a casual t-shirt and denims. Wear high waist denims, in order to be able to balance out your oversized silhouette. You can accessorise as per your wish and you are good to go!



The best thing about a teddy coat is that it is versatile and can be layered on to literally anything. The chic way to style it would be to wear it over a mini-skirt. Wear a matching beanie and you will have a chic outfit. For footwear, you can go for knee-high or thigh-high boots, depending on the length of your skirt.


 Styling Teddy Coats In 2019


A teddy coat can be styled to fit your edgy personality as well. Ditch your biker jackets this season for something a lot more stylish. Pair up your bodycon dress with a teddy coat and all your work is done. The teddy coat will instantly make you look stylish, without you having to put any efforts in the dressing.



Who would have thought a maxi dress could be worn so comfortably in the winters too. The ever so versatile teddy coat can be easily paired with a maxi dress. Not only maxi, you can wear it with a midi dress just as well. Pair the ensemble with a pair of knee-high boots and you have yourself a bohemian, trendy look!


 Styling Teddy Coats In 2019


This one is for all the working ladies out there. You must be thinking how something as casual, chic or edgy, as a teddy coat could look so formal at the same time. It can if you buy the right kind of coat. Teddy coats come in various styles and textures like shearling, faux fur, long, knee-length, etc. Go for a texture that is less fluffy and a fabric that is less bulky. Try to pair it up with your usual formal pieces in a neat way and you are all set to rock this trend.