Sporty And Rich: The New Cozy Around The Block

by Minakshi Singh on December 03, 2019

Art direction expanding into fashion is what the brand Sporty And Rich stands for. The founder of the brand, Emily Oberg is a very talented art director currently living in Los Angeles. The brand started out as a mood board and a collection of images that represented life in all its aspects. Soon the brand expanded its horizons into media and merchandise.


Sporty And Rich 2019


Sporty and Rich is now a brand which has its own annual magazine and merchandise. The magazine covers topics like fashion, mental health architecture, music and so much more. It is a true retreat for anyone of a creative mind. The brand has launched two prior collections and has already built a niche audience along with an impactful design aesthetic. The brand focuses on creating content that is timeless and will be relevant even after ten years from now.


Sporty And Rich 2019


Needless to say, this just gives us all the more reason to shop the cozy sweatshirts and t-shirts that were very recently launched by the brand. The Fall/Winter 2019 collection features tote bags, logo graphics, signature minimal designs and even slogans like “The Science of Good Health”. The colour palette of the collection is that of washed out greys, white and beige. It also features certain pops of colour like turquoise and green.


The brand is heaven for all those who love to indulge in some timeless slow fashion but like to stay trendy too. The brand is known for its unique take on modern street wear and traditional philosophy of slow fashion. The minimal designs are attractive and will surely convince you to become the best version of yourself.  


Sporty And Rich 2019