Remembering KK: His 5 Best Songs

Remembering KK: His 5 Best Songs
It was 1999 and the song 'Yaaron' had just been released. The voice behind the song struck a chord with us and we were left asking for more. And the man in question, KK aka Krishnakumar Kunnath, did not disappoint. As years passed by, KK continued to give us back-to-back chartbusters on love and friendship and with every new song we fell for his voice a little more. There might be many talented singers on the block today, but KK's contribution to Bollywood music is phenomenal. 
We remember the late great musician. Here are some perfect melodies by him that capture love in all its forms. 

Dil Kyu Ye Mera - Kites
KK wrote ‘Dil Kyu Ye Mera’ for the Hritik Roshan starrer movie, Kites. The song was released in the album for the movie. While the movie was far from a hit and was riddled with controversy. The song ‘Dil Kyu Ye Mera’ along with ‘Zindagi Do Pal Ki’ received a lot of applause and general affection from the fans. A proper romantic song credited to the late great KK, and a forever cult hit.

Alvida - Life In A…. Metro
Life In A… Metro is a legendary movie everybody knows by now. However, the one thing that gets overlooked is how good the film’s discography was with absolutely wonderful songs like ‘Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si’ and ‘In Dino’. However, its crown jewel was the superhit song Alvida by KK. A very sorrowful song with a wonderfully deep meaning that you can only get once you are mature enough.

Khuda Jaane Ke - Bachna Ae Haseeno
If you were even a little interested in music back in 2008, you just know the discography of Ranbir Kapoor’s Bachna Ae Haseeno was the talk of the town. Everywhere you went, every music channel or radio station you switched to had a Bachna Ae Haseeno song blasting through. Even, 14 years since the release of the superhit, one song sticks out as an all time great, and that is KK’s Khuda Jaane Ke. The sheer brilliance of KK’s and Shilpa Rao’s voices carries the song into a melodious tune, that has become a legend in Bollywood as one of the best romantic songs of all time.

Yaaron- Pal (Album)
If you are a 90s kid, this song was and still is the ultimate anthem for friendship for you. Just like Sholay’s ‘Yeh Dosti’ was for our parents. The proper anthem that ran like wildfire through colleges. If you are a 90s kid in India, you have sung this song with your friends at least once in your life. The lyrical brilliance of a young KK shines through in this song, as he waxes lyrical about the beauty of friendship and having people in your life through tough times and even in your successes.

Ankhon Me Teri - Om Shanti Om
Everybody knows who Deepika Padukone is nowadays but back in 2008 during Om Shanti Om’s release Deepika Padukone was another debutant in the massive list of actresses. The song ‘Ankhon Me Teri’ paired with Shahrukh Khan fawning over actress Shanti, played by Deepika. SRK’s acting paired with the soothing voice of KK, made millions swoon over the beauty and elegance of the debutant, Deepika. Another one of KK’s songs that played in the background of multiple budding relationships, this song definitely goes down as one of the most famous in Bollywood.