Louis Vuitton Opens Its First Ever Restaurant

by Minakshi Singh on January 30, 2020

Yes, you heard it right! One of the oldest and most reputed luxury brands is now tapping into new areas by launching a luxury restaurant. This won’t be the first time a fashion house has decided to open a corresponding fashion café. In India, brands like Nicobar and Fab India have opened cafes for the buyers to perch their thirst after hours of shopping. If you are a lover of this brand, you can literally taste fashion at their new restaurant.


Louis Vuitton Cafe & Restaurant


The Sugalabo V is located in Osaka Japan, at the Maison Osaka Midosuji. This luxury restaurant is literally out of our reach. In case you ever travel to Japan, this should be a must on your list. The restaurant is the only restaurant with this name in the whole of Tokyo. Unlike any other fine dine places Sugalabo will only entertain a handful of guests each night. Its reservation page clearly indicates that the interested diners should “favourite” the establishment and simply wait for a notification. Once you get the notification, you are in!


Louis Vuitton Cafe & Restaurant


In case you still want a taste of luxury and not spend as much as $275 USD (starting point of the menu) on food, especially after splurging on an LV bag, you have a more casual option too. Le Café V is located on the top floor of the Osaka store building. This terrace café has an open structure and very soothing modern details. Our favourites were the hanging egg shell chairs. The café also features an airy outdoor bar where you can relax after your long shopping spree.


Louis Vuitton Cafe & Restaurant


The concept of a fashion café is spreading at a rapid pace and is innovative as well as functional. We can only hope for a luxury fashion café to be opening up in India soon!