by Nitisha Maan on November 15, 2021

This year has been a great year if you’re more of a comfort fashion kind of a person. We were all at home and everyone worked in their PJs. But now that everything is coming back on track, we all need to sort and upgrade our wardrobes to get out. Also, the winter season has arrived and the fashion that seems to take over this season is “shackets”. What is a shacket? Is it a misspelled word for a jacket? No! A shacket is a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket. This is the investment that you should definitely make especially since it is the beginning of the cold season when you’re not exactly ready for jackets. 

The best part about this fashion piece is that you can pair it with so many things and create many different outfits without much effort. One way is to style is to wear it with a pair of jeans or leggings if you’re thinking of going completely casual. You can always style a shacket with a slip dress or even cycling shorts. Now that you seem to have some interest in this, let’s talk about what styles are going trendy in these shackets.


Faux Leather Shacket

Not only the faux leather gives a rich feel to the outfit but is a great option for you to go from day to night without changing anything. So, if you’re as lazy as us then this is just the right style for you. Also, since it is faux leather, it is absolutely vegan and is not related to animal cruelty in any manner.

The Plaids

Have you ever wondered why the plaids are so in trend these days? That’s because they give that rugged look to your outfit. And the combination of plaids in a shacket is just the perfect idea for your off-duty outfit. To give the cool & casual touch to your outfit, you need to have it in your wardrobe.

The Detailed Pockets

Another great style of a shacket is one with detailed pockets. The large pockets give your shirt-jacket hybrid a more casual yet somewhere formal look. This edgy style can save you from many outfit dilemmas that can occur when you’re getting ready for a simple event. 

Belts Of The High

A belt can turn any piece of clothing into a more detailed article. Shackets being oversized can be a little too much for some of you. So, to enhance the silhouette and still hop on the trend, you can go for the belted shackets. Add a turtleneck and accentuate that figure with the magic of a belt.

Throw In Some Prints

Prints add a whole lot of character to the outfit. They create visual interest in anything that your wear. Topping the shackets with fun prints can work magically for you if you want to stand out in the crowd. Even on the runway, prints have been a constant style that designers swear by.