Embrace Your Curves And Style Them Too!

by Minakshi Singh on October 18, 2019

In India, we have a very inclusive culture. The same is translated in our beauty standards. No matter what you might see online or in fashion shows, curvy girls can too look absolutely stunning in all the varieties of clothes. However, just like any other body type, this body type too will need some guidelines to follow. Don’t worry, these guidelines will not tell you to hide your curves but will accentuate them in the most beautiful way. Keep reading!


Curvy Fashion Guide


If you are a curvy girl, chances are that most of your curves are around your waist region. Don’t be afraid to show off your curves by styling your long tops with belts. Highlight your waist by wearing your tops tucked in and wearing wrap-around tops. For dresses you can wear fit and flare and skater dresses. You can also wear A-line dresses, shift and sheath dresses, as long as you highlight your waist. Another little trick would be layering on a shirt and tying it mid-waist.


Curvy Fashion Guide


Yes, you can wear any print of your choice, even if it’s horizontal stripes. From paisley, argyle, floral, to stripes, you can wear anything, as long as there is balance in your outfit. Not only curvy girls, but this is a tip for all the body types. Whether it is stripe on stripe or floral on floral, too much of anything can have a one dimensional effect on the eyes. This may work sometimes, but more often, one chooses prints in order to shake things up. Experiment more interestingly by pairing different kinds of prints like stripes with floral and so on. As a curvy girl, remember to break your look along your waistline. Keep your accessorising minimal and you are good to go.


Curvy Fashion Guide


Not just wear, but buy oversized trousers. We understand how challenging finding the right fit can be, especially along the waistline. For trousers, focus on your hip measurements more than the waist. Buy pants that fit you perfectly on the hips and get your waist line altered by your local tailor. The most important and significant tip to always follow is to wear clothes that fit to flatter your body and not make you uncomfortable.


Curvy Fashion Guide


For all those who do not want to highlight their waist line, you can draw attention to shoulders. Wearing strappy tops is seen as a taboo for a curvy woman, when all that it actually is, lack of appreciation. Wear embellished tops or deep-v necks. If you feel confident about your shoulders, go on and flaunt them. A-line tops are a great example of the same. Halter necks, round necks, cold shoulders, wear whichever neckline as long as it showcases more skin.


Curvy Fashion Guide


Your strength can be whatever you want it to be. This point is more of an exercise that will help you in adding a unique touch to every outfit of yours. Stand in front of a mirror and figure out what it is that you like about your body. All that you have to do is highlight that. If you like your legs wear mini-skirts and shorts. If you like, your arms, wear sleeveless tops. If you want to show off your shoulders, wear spaghetti straps and cold shoulders. This formula sums up every aspect of styling an outfit.


Curvy Fashion Guide