How To Rock Athleisure Look

With this on-going pandemic, fashion’s definition has taken a 360° turn. People are looking for options to balance their work and leisure life. When you’re looking for blending function and fashion together, the only answer that comes up is athleisure. It is basically a concept to bridge the gap between what you’d wear to the gym and what you’d wear to go out for lunch. This idea is so in trend that the athleisure industry is growing at a really fast pace with every day passing.


Athleisure is a notion for casual clothing that has been designed for workout as well as for general use. Not just a trend, this shows a change in the lifestyle that has struck people in the last two years. This is such an effortless style and we believe it is time for you to hop onto this train of movement.

Let’s see how you can rock the athleisure look in the first go.

Mix Fashion With Function

Mixing Athleisure Fashion With Function

Mix the right amount of fashion with function. The art of integrity is what makes you the champion of this look. Pair fashion items like jeans and heels with athletic clothing items like sweatpants and sports bras to get a sporty and chic look.

Dress For The Occasion

Dress Up In Athleisure Clothing According to occasion

Know what is the right occasion to dress up in athleisure clothing. You would not want to go to a wedding or a job interview in this clothing. However, going out for lunch with friends seems like a good opportunity to let the chic and athletic diva out of you. Casual occasion asks for activewear and it is completely opposite for the formal events.


Accessorize Athleisure Wear

Accessorizing appropriately is necessary. Keep the sporty look but add your personal touch by adding accessories like aviators or a trendy bag. Add jewelry and make sure to not overdo it. Hoop earrings would do the job just right or may be a single chain around the neck.



Subtle Athleisure Look

  • Don’t go overboard with jewelry
  • Use subtle colors, neutrals preferably.
  • Don’t use old clothes that you wear to the gym or your yoga class.
  • Mix high-performance fabrics with sports fabrics.
  • Go creative while mixing and layering.
  • Don’t lose your personal style, only revise it a bit.