Hot Summer Wishlist

by Rishita Loura on June 04, 2021

Summer is knocking on your door. Here, we are with yet another fun summer. We know how a lot of you don’t like summer but you can’t deny that summer always leaves beautiful memories. From vacations to endless amounts of juicy fruits, it is filled with colors everywhere. Picnics, days out in the evening breeze, cycling with friends and sunsets are all part of the summer tide. Do you know what else is pleasing about the heating season? The gorgeous new fashion trends that everyone goes crazy over. Every year is a different era in itself. So what's the era of summer 2021? Well let's start with the most angelic one and by the end of this blog, you will know exactly how to look for this summer.

Watermelon Sugar High

The season of flowers and fruits sure deserves some floral dresses and fruit prints in your closet. And how can we forget polka dresses and midi dresses when talking about summer. Style it up for yourself with a beautiful casual dress, a pair of flats, or a pair of ballerinas. Accessorize with a pair of casual earrings because ‘less is more’ and there you are, good to go. 

Play In Suits

    Well nobody can play in suits comfortably but you sure can play anything in playsuits. A cool striped playsuit gives the comfort of a breeze in hot weather. The best thing about it is you can wear white sneakers, flats or keep it casual with crocs, they go with everything. Accessorize with a cap or summer scarf to complete the look.


        Well, the correct fashion terms can be difficult to remember sometimes but we all remember the looks that we adore like an image in our mind. You may or may not have heard of crape top but I am sure your mind will have an image of it. These tops are made for summer Sundays. And the upper hand for them is the variety of designs that they are available in. Match up your favorite crepe top with casual denim jeans and a pair of white sneakers


    One can never go wrong with a tee and especially when they are available with countless different prints. We all have that one favorite tee that we never trash out. Team up your favorite tee with a denim dungaree because dungarees are a delightful part of summer. Go for sneakers or play it cool with flats, you’ll shine anyway.

    Golden Hour

    Now we all go for outings and picnics in the summers. Let your style walk with you as you walk in a cami top with shorts or an assuage crop top with a skirt. You can also try casual co-ord sets and twin them with a hat and lace-up ballerinas to shine with at the golden hour. 

    Fashion and style are a part of who we are, so define yourself and let your colors pop up. Make this summer memorable for yourself.