Different Ways To Style Your Black Basics Together

by Minakshi Singh on January 16, 2020

Black has always been a strong, ground breaking colour, especially for the women. It was a colour not meant to be feminine. Skip to the present, it represents strength and rebellion. An all-black outfit can make a statement if styled the right way. However, styling all our blacks together can get a little overwhelming. Something as simple as an Issey Miyake black turtleneck can make a strong statement. Here is how you can make a statement by using just the basics.



A great example of this would Anushka Sharmas’s this look. The actress nailed this super casual look while travelling. All the pieces of the outfit are separate and match in colour perfectly. You can easily recreate this look with a basic black tee, black bottoms and a black jacket. These three items are something that every girl owns, but never lands up wearing together. Make sure that either the bottoms are high waist or the top is cropped. It is important to break up the outfit by cinching in your waist. If you want, you can continue the black rhythm for your footwear too or go completely contrasting with a popping white pair of sneakers.


Anushka Sharma All Black Style


Another interesting way of styling your black separates is by styling different kinds of textures together. Black leather pants paired with a sheer top is a great example of the same. The different textures paired together give the right amount of break to the eye, while showing a little skin through the sheer top. The same concept can be applied to any other monochrome look as well. Several other examples would include sequined top with leather pants, embellished dress with sheer stockings and satin on satin looks. The whole point is to play around with textures while keeping the colour black uniform.


All Black Outfit Inspiration


This one is for all the girls who love their prints as much as the colour black. Pairing prints together is not yet an old thing. Whether it is stripes and checks together or different types of floral prints paired together, print on print will never disappoint you. The power of prints can never be underestimated and mixing them together will definitely earn you extra styling points. It can be difficult but make sure to do it fearlessly. Go with your instinct and pair different prints together until you find your technique. Once you do, you can try the technique with all your black items!


All Black Outfit Inspiration