by Vanya Azad on January 06, 2021

TV sitcoms are one of the best ways one can lighten up their mood after a whole day of stress, work load or when you’re simply having a bad day.  Sitcoms are actually situational comedies which are based around a storyline with hilarious plots and dialogues. Unlike movies, these consists of a number of episodes which contains a light hearted comedy which often acts as an escape for the mind to a “happy place”.  As we observe hysterical punch lines and drama we also get an opportunity to acknowledge fashionable fits’ of various timelines. So, here we will be sharing some of the funniest TV comedies with divas in incredible styles and elegance.




There are not enough words to describe the place that the sitcom “FRIENDS” has permanently acquired in people’s hearts. It is a 1994 sitcom starring a cast of 6 people which has an amazing balance of literally every emotion be it drama, romance, satires and situational comedy. But this was not the only thing offered to us by this amazing series, we also got to witness a fluent fashion through the times of 1994-2004 by our three main leading ladies Monica, Phoebe & Rachel; Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Anniston. Plaid skirts, ripped denim jeans, satin dresses and hippie attires; we were blessed with all kinds of styles by these very ladies.



Aired in September 2013, Brooklyn nine-nine took over the internet with a storm of satires, addressing serious issues in the police community, in the society with a humor so light and non-offensive was the key highlight of the show. Star cast Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz who play the role of Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz are witnessed in professional work fit’ but with a sass and charm like never seen before. Where we saw charismatic pantsuits and other formal attires worn with such elegance by Amy, we also got tips on how one can style one single leather jacket in variations by Rosa. The competitive yet supportive characters portray an astonishing balance delivering the message of “Us girls gotta stick together!”



A mockumentary sitcom aired in America ditching all the stereotypes of gay couples, acceptance of foreign nationalities, and the daily fits yet the strength of a family who always sticks together; are the content of the show. The two fashion hot-shots of the show are Hayley Dunphy and Gloria Delgado Pritchett played by Sarah Hyland and Sofia Vergara respectively. The Columbian actress adorns the best of body-con dresses, peplum pencil dresses, jeans, coats, makeup and heels making our hearts skip a beat. On the other hand we witness a teenage brat but sweet Hayley in a vogue variety of dresses, heels and not to miss accessories.



The two bickering best friends, who were seen always together sticking out through thick and thin, &0s show is a period sitcom which is themed around the 70s era, focusing on the lives of six teenagers creating messes and having the time of their lives through the youth passes them away. Jackie, played by Mila Kunis, is a bubbly girl with a persona to make any guy swoon over and a fashion sense of a master mind in the 70s era. She’s seen wearing block heels, tacky hair clips, printed skirts, highlighted neckline dresses and lively accessories. On the other hand we have Donna, a growing up tom boy who styles hip and comfy in checks, shirts, bell bottoms, wedge heels or shoes. On occasions Donna, played by Laura Prepon, is seen in satin dress, cocktail dress  and a drastic change in her hair color which was a turning point in the series but don’t worry we are here for the fashion not to give spoilers.