Creative Ideas for Navaratri Decorations

Creative Ideas for Navaratri Decorations

With the commencement of the month of September, the spirit of festivities starts to rise high in “Us” Indians. It is like the starting of a festive season. Navratri is said to be the bringer of festivals. As Navratri approaches people start making preparations to decorate their homes with Navratri colours, aromas, and beautiful artefacts to welcome Goddess Durga in her various manifestations.

 The arrival of autumn fills the Indian culture with festive vibes. The "nine-nights" at the start of autumn indicate an auspicious time in the Lunar Calendar when the ever-present Goddess "Maa Durga" is worshipped with affection and devotion. Every night, one of the various forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped.

It is believed that during these religious and devoted days, the holy spirits bless our homes and surroundings. As a result, we should not only keep our houses clean but also decorated so as to provide these holy spirits a divine place to visit. Here are some of the Navratri Decoration ideas that will help you in making your place a holy place.


Start by cleaning your Home.

Before you begin decorating your home, the first thing you need to do is clean it. It is vital to remove the webs and dust that has accumulated on the furniture. You can also arrange your clothing and dispose of outdated junk that has accumulated in your home. As a matter of fact, you can sort your clothes and donate clothes that you don’t wear anymore. It will not only be a thing of charity but will also give you the chance to buy newer clothes in festival shopping including women dresses online. Make sure to thoroughly clean your curtains and pillow covers, as well as vacuum any rugs and carpets.



Make It Colourful

Almost every Indian festival is filled with colours, the same goes for Navratri. Try and infuse colours into your house. Vibrant colours have a festival feeling and also looks great even to look at. Choose ethnic and real Indian colours such as earthy green, reds, yellows, and orange to create a classic ambience in the home. If you have a budget, get your interior painted with festive colours, if you are low on budget, start making your floor colourful by making Rangoli over it.


Use Navratri Special Items for Decoration

Welcome Navratri by decorating your home with marigold flower wreaths and garlands around the front door and windows. This marks the start of Sharad Navratri. Flowers can even be used to decorate the front door, home temple, and other areas of the house. The beautiful aroma of the celebration will be filled in the house thanks to the fragrance of these flowers.


Diya and Figurine Decorations


During the Navratri season, Maa Durga statues are popular choices for decorating your homes and prayer spaces. Because there are so many distinct figures on the market, you will be overwhelmed with options. Decorate your home with images and figurines of Goddess Durga in all shapes and sizes to welcome her into your home.

Diyas are the most indispensable part of autumn festivals. They are used in temples for worships as well as decorations. It is not necessary that diyas provide decorative vibe only when they are lit, you can paint diyas and use them as decorative pieces. Using diyas as decoration will not only make the decorations look more authentic but also prevents from using electric lights.



Decorative Hangings

You can also purchase conventional room dividers and bells to decorate your home or to use as dividers. These can also be used as decorations outside the pooja room.


Bonus Tip: Although this tip is not related to decorations but using fragrance and playing soothing music during Navratri is and addition that can lift up your festival spirits. Not only they will fill the environment with happiness but also give your home a touch of finesse. When you have done a lot for decorating your home, start decorating yourself with clothes, women footwear online, and buying heels online


In the end, we would like to say that every festival requires preparations, start preparing for them well before. Always take precautions and safety measures around flammable substances.

Wish you a very Happy Navratri!!