Celebrating 50 Years Of Jean Paul Gaultier

by Minakshi Singh on January 21, 2020

The highly talented and famous Couture designer, Jean Paul Gaultier very recently announced the biggest news of all time. He has finally decided to bid farewell to the runway by tweeting out his retirement message. The upcoming Couture Show in Paris will be his last, celebrating the 50 years of his journey. However, he won’t be gone just yet. He teased his fans in a short video message about the brand going but not Haute Couture. We can’t wait to know more about the designer’s secret project! Meanwhile, her are the 3 fashion moments that we all should thank Gaultier for.


Jean Paul Gaultier: Memorable Fashion Moments


We are all well aware of the famous “Conical Bra” sported for the first time by Madonna in China, in 1990. The bra was made famous and is mostly associated with Madonna. However, it wasn’t designed for Madonna exclusively. The bra made its first appearance on the runway in Gaultier’s 1987 Fashion Show. Moreover, Gaultier revealed in an interview that he didn’t design the bra for a person at all and made his teddy bear wear it for the first time ever.


Jean Paul Gaultier: Memorable Fashion Moments


Back in 1985, Gaultier made his masculine models walk the runway in skirts. They wore wide-leg trousers with a fabric panel on the front, which gave them a skirt like appeal. The show obviously made headlines and started a conversation on societal stereotypes. The collection was called “As God Created A Man”, stressing on the natural flow of things and how modern society is far away from it.


Jean Paul Gaultier: Memorable Fashion Moments


The runway has always promoted an ideal body type and even continues to do so. However, Gaultier brought diversity to his runway back in 1980s. He ran a small ad in French Liberation daily that read – “Atypical Models. The facially disfigured should not refrain from applying”. The show had curvy women and was ground breaking at the time. This only goes on to prove that the designer was way ahead of his time and fearless in his choices.