Catch Up On The High-Street Trends

by Kiran Rawat on October 25, 2019

Street style trends are just as much in the spotlight as the runway is, especially after the entire fashion world was taken over by the blogging industry. The street style at any fashion show is just as much talked about as the actual designs of the fashion designer.  In this particular post, however, we will only discuss the latest footwear trends of the high-street fashion world. From sneakers to heels, we have all the trends under one roof!


Footwear Trends High Street 2019


The uncovering style of footwear has slim straps and truly elevated impact points. The 90s style is protected to state that this footwear is likely the most uncomfortable and yet the most appealing, at the same time. In any case, on the off chance that you are a devotee of the 90's style, you need to hold onto the agonizing minutes too.


Footwear Trends High Street 2019


The sneaker trend is what gradually evolved from the tennis shoes. As true to its origin as it can be, the fashion sneaker is once again, becoming athletic, only with better technology now. The newer versions are more and more athletic and hence, chunkier too. Alongside the stout shoes the tennis socks are likewise making a rebound.



Little cat heels were the most stunning in the early 2000’s and were the most adorned at the time. The pattern was seen commanding the runways and we can't hang tight for the numerous translations of it in the city. They are comfortable, chic and easy to style!


Footwear Trends High Street 2019


As we have just referenced, Mary-Janes were the pride of the 90s. These exquisite and smooth styles can be found in the majority of the 90s famous sitcoms. Put on your most advanced outfit and prepare to display it with your Mary Janes. Whether it is in the form of heels or in the form of flats, elegance is sure to reflect.


Footwear Trends High Street 2019


Platforms are not a new idea to us, in any case, they evolved into heels. This season, consistent with their unique structure, they are back. Only this time not in the form of stilettos, but in the form of flip flops and slip-ons.