Your office or work place is your haven of prestige, a place which doesn’t really demand a fashion streak but your style still becomes an important factor as to whether people take your words seriously, your chic gets you noticed. A combination or a collection of elusive changes in your office wardrobe can leave greater impacts. Where the option of picking out the article that you want to wear reserves totally with, keeping the color combination in mind is a tip useful for every individual. Even for casual Fridays at work, keeping the subtle code in your style is an essential in the work environment. Following are some ideas as to how one can keep it subtle yet effective when it comes to casual Fridays!


Adorn a slip dress of a soothing or calming tone such as satin yellow, lilac or blue and pair it up with a solid Tee that compliments the color that you have chosen for your dress. Put on a stylish pair of heels and accessorize but remember to not over do it since we are dressing up for work and not a fiesta! You can also substitute the slip dress with a knee length skirt as the torso is covered with the t-shirt or a top anyway.


Friday is the best day to slip into that comfy summer dress you had been waiting for! A buttoned-up summer dress in soothing colors such as beige, brown, black, white, pink, yellow or lilac is a fabulous pick as these tones are preferred work wear ideals.


Your formals are your friends as you can pair them up with casual wears and it’ll come off professional and trendy at the same time! Pair up a basic white shirt with blue faded denims and wear a pair of pointed heels, block heels or mochis to complete your boss lady look.


If you can pair up a formal shirt with casuals then vice versa is also possible ladies. Choices blew wide open as you can pair your basic black Tee with a pair of brown/beige or white trousers and put on your favorite heels with them.


If you feel like ditching the old heels then solid sneakers are your go to for work wear. You can shop white shirt online and put on a plain cargos or jeggings to go with your pair of sneakers to notch up your comfort and style.