Bow Down To The Icons Of 2010s

Bow Down To The Icons Of 2010s

The year is almost coming to an end and so is the iconic decade of 2010s. The year was brilliant in terms of fashion. From iconic pop stars to super models, we had the chance to see the most ground-breaking of all fashion moments. Style icons like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez not only impressed us with their daring choices, but also defined fashion of the decade. Here are our top fashion moments that deserve a recalling and appreciation before we step into the next decade.



Topping the list and kick starting the decade is our most controversial pop star-Lady Gaga. In the year 2010, Lady Gaga made headlines for her fashion while attending the red carpet of the VMA’s. The star chose to wear a dress made of meat. The meat dress is what began this iconic fashion decade, which was filled with even more jaw-dropping fashion statements!


Fashion Icons Of 2010s Decade


It’s impossible to talk about iconic fashion and not mention Rihanna. The stylish pop star wore a yellow extravagant gown by Guo Pei. The dress was made by a Chinese woman and took about two years to be made. Rihanna found it online and did complete justice to the dress. It was also the beginning of an avant garde red carpet trend and fashion memes that broke the internet. Nevertheless, we don’t expect anything less than viral from RiRi!



Jennifer Lopez wore an iconic jungle dress by Versace in the last decade as a last minute choice and made headlines. Who knew she would still be doing that in the next decade. The moment was rekindled by Donatella Versace via a tribute collection. The showstopper was none other than J.Lo herself and the dress she wore was an even bolder version of the original Jungle dress.


JLo Jungle Dress


A more recent addition to the list of fashion icons is Billy Porter who surprised us with one inspirational look after another. The year 2019 can be wholly dedicated to his red carpet looks. All his looks were just as brilliant as the previous ones. Our top two looks were that of the Oscars red carpet and the Met Gala red Carpet. Both were original and stylish, and cemented Billy’s reputation as a risk taker with a great fashion intuition.


Billy Porter Red Carpet Look


This is not a fashion moment in particular but fashion industry as a whole. With the rise of internet we saw a lot more trends that came from the street. Not only this, we can also credit the birth of pre-fall and pre-spring collections by designers to the fast need of content by the Internet generation. Fashion became faster, and growth became orderly. Trends were set apart from the runways and fashion made more sustainable. The transparency that was brought about by the social media, also exposed the dark side of the fast fashion industry. We are just happy that sustainable, vegan and ethical fashion, along with body positivity are going to follow us in the new decade.