Earrings are favored all around the globe by females of every country and state. It is no surprise that jewelry business happens to be one the heaviest investments ever, but the love of a girl for the gems is beyond the comprehension of an average mind, that doesn’t appreciate the beauty of the nature which is further molded in sizes and shapes preferred by us. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other blinging jewels like ruby, jade, emerald, amber, turquoise, opal, topaz, moonstone and pearls are all the gifts of mother nature. Even though the source remains constant, the change in designs and weight often results in the pricing and liking factor of any particular piece of jewelry. So, let’s get you up to date with the current trends in the world of blings right away!



The simple yet elegant hoop earrings transformed with a wiring hoop which aids to give the hugging look to the earrings. This piece happens to be the most in demand as of date and can be used as daily wear earrings. The versatility of these earrings allows it to be matched and complimented with almost every outfit. Choose gold/silver/black accordingly for the outfit wisely ladies.


These earrings are designed as a stud which cover the piercing hole of the earlobe and a magnificent drop-down bling is designed to provide a lovely touch to the jewelry. You can wear these on special occasions or dates when you feel like you want to put in an effort but don’t want it to come off as “too-much”, basically to keep it chic and minimal.


As the name suggests, this earring is designed in the shape of a teardrop. It is available in a multiple variant in terms of material and lock. You’ll find it as a teardrop earring attached to a stud as a drop earring, with wire hooks, lever backs and more.


For days you want an affirmative look, a compelling design like this is your go to! A business meeting or any other occasion that requires you to look your most confident self, multilayered chunky earrings prove the best!


The design for these earrings is inspired by either yin-yang nature of the universe such as sun and the moon, fire and water or a paired destiny such as stars and moon. These are very famous amongst teenagers and young adults as the different design in each earlobe draws attention of a specific audience nowadays but this very specific audience happens to be in a large number hence making it one the trendiest earrings of 2021 this season.