Are Chains The Most Popular Accessory This Season?

by Minakshi Singh on November 15, 2019

Talking about accessories, we think it’s safe to say that they get their fair share of ignorance. We love them but land up not wearing them that often. However, accessories play as much of an important role as any other part of our outfit. In fact, it has the power to make any outfit look all the more pretty. It has the power to make anything boring look interesting. This season’s runway was filled with interesting options and bulky chains were the ones that stood out the most. This trend is surely for all the high street fashion lovers.


Chain Accessory Trend 2019


We know how statement and risky the trend sounds, which is why we are telling exactly how you should be wearing it. Taking you back to yet another iconic Gucci moment, wearing glass chains attached to your eye wear is a sure shot trick. The glass makes the chains look a lot more elegant and feel a lot lighter. You can find millions of colours and patterns. You don’t even have to worry about losing your glasses anymore. Trust us, this trend is a win for every girl out there. This statement accessory is not only trendy but also highly functional.


Chain Accessory Trend 2019


Evolving from the Gucci runway, the glass chains have filtered down to necklaces, earrings and even hand bag accessories. You can layer up accessories and keep the chains as the statement necklace. If you don’t like wearing accessories, you can always attach them to your bag and be as experimental as you like.


Chain Accessory Trend 2019


Another way to wear the chains is to wear them in their original metal form. This trend was picked up from the Channel A/W’19 show. The chains were used as belts around the waist. You can wear the trend as it is or twist it with your own creativity. You can hang charms or wear them as necklaces and earrings. The only drawback is that these chains are going to feel heavier than the glass chains. Which is why, they make the best belts.

Now that you know the latest trend out there, go ahead and experiment to your heart’s full content.