All About Alexander McQueen's 2019 Exhibition

by Mahak arora on December 05, 2019

Sarah Burton, the current Creative Director of the legendary fashion house that is Alexander Mcqueen, decided to put on another exhibition honouring the brand’s soul Lee Alexander McQueen. The exhibition is showcased at the Old Bond Street Boutique. The name of the exhibition itself suggests that the inspiration for the exhibition were roses.


Alexander McQueen Exhibition 2019


Alexander McQueen has made his love for nature and flowers known on more than one occasion, flowers to be more specific.  He once told a magazine, “Everything I do is connected to nature in one way or another”. The statement held its truth till the day the designer died. The exhibition revisits some of the most iconic work of McQueen himself. It covers a decade of span of designs from the house, from McQueen’s Spring Summer 2007 Collection to the very recent Burton’s Autumn Winter 2019 Collection.


The reason why McQueen loved nature and flowers was not the beauty of it as one would immediately think. The reason was the dichotomy of the nature of flowers. He loved them because they could die. The beauty of nature as well as flowers is not permanent, just like everything else in life. It has the ability to be beautiful one minute and decay the next. It was this depth of nature that was always visible in his work.


Alexander McQueen Exhibition 2019


The exhibition features flowers in the same light. It centers around two main garments. The first one is the iconic Rose Dress, from the finale of the Autumn Winter 2019 show. The dress is made in the luxurious fabric that is taffeta silk. The second dress is in reminiscent of the iconic dress from the SS’07 Collection, designed by McQueen himself. It was one of his most extra ordinary works.


The exhibition showcased such other designs. The visitors were invited to look at the label placed on each dress to know the composition of the dress. The behind the scenes of the making of the dress, including the inspiration and process is displayed on the walls. Fabric swatches and some in-process works hang down from the rails. The construction of each dress at the atelier is also displayed, taking the visitor right into the soul and roots of the brand.  


Alexander McQueen Exhibition 2019


Honouring the memory and the work of McQueen’s designs was brilliantly portrayed through the exhibition. The iconic designer left an immortal impact on the fashion industry through his house of fashion. Take a look at the exhibition and you will know how.