Adidas X Prada: The Street Luxury

by Minakshi Singh on November 11, 2019

Sports-wear and luxury brand collaboration is anything but a new concept for brands these days. The lines are getting more and more blurred out between luxury fashion and street style. Trends like athleisure and high-street fashion are a proof of it. Another attempt to cash-in the biggest changes in the fashion industry is the very recent collaboration of the brands – Adidas and Prada.

Adidas, as we all know, is a sports-wear exclusive label. It is known for its advanced technology and its highly unique designs. Having earned a trusting relationship with its customers, the brand only moves forward in terms of its sales. Prada, as many of us may not know, is a brand that is known for its expertise in leather and luxury goods. It was the very first brand to include sneakers in its collection back in 1996.


Adidas X Prada


However, the recent incapability of Prada to keep up with the times has put it in a very outdated position. The brand has been focusing on pulling in a lot of its sales through hand bags and shoes. On the other hand, its competitors have been pulling in a lot of business by accepting and including street wear into their collection. The blend is inevitable and the brand finally realized it.

Adidas has previously collaborated with designers like Raf Simons, Stella McCartney and Rick Owens. In order to emerge as a fashionably, athletic brand, it has further decided to work on designs that are classic and signature styles of both the brands. The designs will dig deep into the Prada archives as well as Adidas, to come up with the most reinvented versions of it.


Adidas X Prada


The first two styles of sneakers will be available for men as well as women. The entire collection will be made in Italy, right under the nose of the Prada Atelier. Could anything be more exclusive, stylish and exciting, all at the same time? Hold out your excitement just a little bit longer. The collection will be dropping anytime this December. Keep following the official Instagram accounts of Prada and Adidas and you will know no sooner than us.  


Adidas X Prada