Being into fashion you must be taking in a lot of inspirations and ideas off Instagram. We all happen to learn more about lifestyle off the internet as the world has become digital. When we review dresses, heels, shoes and more on real life people, styled in various possible conducts, we tend to believe and comprehend fashion on a superior level unlike via websites and advertisements. To understand more we follow certain people online and hence here is a list of five quirky fashion influencers you must follow on Instagram and why.


  • @shewearsfashion - Kavita Donkersley

With a pastel palette Instagram profile, Kavita not only provides a soothing convention of fashion to our eyes but also her content is significant for the quirky sense of fashion which beats the stereotypical mindset of what colors suit what skin tone. She challenges age old fashion barriers and breakthrough with sparkle in her style and charm in her persona influencing a number of young minds to quirk and create new styles.


  • @komalpandeyofficial - Komal Pandey

In the world full of trends, she became the definition of authentic and creative as she introduced uncanny yet chic styles with various clothing items. Her collection involves a number of artistic styles for a girl’s day out, office wear, date look and more with a side of a bold aura. What makes her different from other influencers is her out the way fashion sense and an unconventional sense of draping an item which could’ve not been imagined for someone in daily life outfits but she is making influencing fashionistas around the country to go bold and go all out with confidence.


  • @stylemeupwithsakshi - Sakshi Sindwani

A bright definition of body positivity, Sakshi Sindwani is the hands down a supreme fashion influencer today as herself being a plus size model, she took it as her own responsibility to tear down the walls of discomfort due to various body sizes. Floral dresses, kurtas, sarees, famous Bollywood celebrity looks, bikini shoots and more, Sakshi pushes ladies to own their image and charm and make them believe that yes, they can wear whatever they want to wear and look flawless without paying heed to the society’s butchered image of “beauty”.


  • @giasaysthat - Gia Kashyap

With a sunshine state of style, Gia Kashyap is a fashion influencer with a profile dedicated to helping fashion frenzies around the globe to learn and adapt to hacks and habits to involve in their daily routines. A number of self-care packages, style inspirations, fashion investments and more is made available to us and hence she is a must in our list of influencers to follow.


  • @dollysingh - Dolly Singh

If you have not followed Dolly Singh yet, we advise you to do so ASAP! Why? Because she is a content curator who doesn’t only provides us with a fresh sense of fashion but also a daily of comedy entertainment. Let’s be honest, we switch to social media to connect with our loved ones but also for a means of stress relieve and entertainment. Here comes her part as an entertaining artist and a fashion influencer who provides us with tips and tricks to a more conventional stream of fashion and budget shopping.