10 Styling Tips To Make Your Life Easy

Styling is not an easy task especially when you’ve to balance work, friends, family, and yourself. People often spend a lot of time researching about how  they can create an effortless look without any hassle. Here, in this blog, are some tips for you to style yourself that would save you a lot of stress and time. 

10 Styling Tips To Make Your Life Easy

Plan It Out Beforehand

Plan your outfits a day or two prior. If you live alone, you must have planned your food menu for the whole week on Sunday, at least once. Well, this is exactly how you have to plan your outfits, so you don’t stand in front of your wardrobe every morning and think about what you have to wear for the day. 

Seek Out Inspiration

Look out to people who inspire you. You must have someone whose style you find the most attractive; maybe some Instagram influencer or your coworker’s best friend. Plan your outfits to match that style. If you are still confused, then check out various Pinterest boards and Instagram pages.

When In Doubt, Stop Overthinking

If you ever get worried about what to wear, then it is time for you to stop overthinking. Just think about the destination and you will know. And if you are worried about being overdressed, then carry a piece of casual clothing like a denim jacket to tone it down a little. 

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It is completely okay to stick to one type of style but experimenting with it wouldn’t hurt. In fact, you might discover something else that you’d absolutely fall in love with. 

Accessorize Better

Whenever you step out, make sure you are wearing at least one accessory; be it a staple necklace, or a cute bag or sunglasses, and if you’re bold enough, you can go with all three. Accessories add a huge factor to your outfit, and yes, in a good way, of course. 


Create Your Capsule Wardrobe

A huge tip that almost every great stylist will give you is to create a capsule wardrobe. This will save you a lot of stress of mixing and matching clothes every morning. Add a pair of classic blue jeans, and an LBD, start with these. 

A Pair Of Statement Shoes

You don’t always have to wear sky-high heels to make a statement. You can have a pair of flats and stand out from the crowd. A pair of good shoes can change the whole vibe of your outfit. 

Own At least One “WOW” Piece

You need to have at least one item that will give your outfit  “oh my God, wow” from the crowd. It can be a luxury bag or an item from your mother’s wardrobe. It is good to listen to such compliments every once in a while.

Know Your Body

The most important rule of styling is to know your body. Know what fits you, what looks good on you, and what makes you feel good about yourself. Build a wardrobe with pieces that would fit your body as if they were made for you and you only. 

Cross The Bar Of Age

Age is just a number. Don’t let your age stop you from wearing anything that you really want to wear. One can rock a satin slip dress at 20, 40, and 55 as well. Don’t let your age define your style.