Winter season is also known to be a challenge season when it comes to fashion as for one’s outfit should look bold, feel comfortable and most importantly protect them from the season chills. Now, how are we supposed to conquer it all? Well, global fashionistas around the world have revolutionized winter wear for women and have prepared various modish assortments for the divas of today. In the world of women’s skirts online, one such assortment happens to be a pleated skirt. A skirt for winter?!! It sounds insane but who would’ve known that pleated skirts would come around and win everyone’s heart in the world of style and it is very easy to buy pleated skirts online in India and create the looks mentioned below! 



Pleated Skirt Paired With Shirt

Throwing it back to the style influenced by our beloved school uniforms. Create this with wearing a plain white formal shirt with a short pleated skirt and black leggings/stocking. Put on a contrasting sweatshirt over to beat the chills. Search for pleated skirts for women online to put together this hip ensemble.



pleated skirts back in style

Inspired by the 90s, you will a pleated skirt, a solid full sleeves body-con Top; knee high socks and plain white all-stars or plain black mochi shoes to build yourself the Oh-My-God vintage look. This style was very much observed by our very own vintage baby on the famous TV sitcom ‘FRIENDS’ where ‘Rachel Green’ aka Jennifer Aniston adorns this antique outfit and won the hearts of people all around the globe and the charm happens to be still in effect! 



Skirt Paired With Solid Black Top & Leather Jacket

If you feel like going for a more of a punk rock look with a hint of that sweet & sour candy girl in you, this attire might be the one for you. All you got to do is buy black pleated skirts for women online in India or any other dark color that suits your spark right, a printed tee or a solid black tee and a black leather jacket. Do wear some spunk accessories like chain and a darker than usual makeup to compliment the whole look. To make it more detailed, pullover knee high socks or black net stockings with black leather boots and that’s how a fashion rock star is born! 



Pleated Skirt Paired With Long Over Coat

Pleated women’s skirts can be a great idea for the days that require a little more ‘oomph’, and you can try wearing an overcoat with it. We are sure that this look will suffice your urban needs perfectly. Pair a pleated skirt with your favorite turtleneck and put on a long overcoat and maybe a scarf too to complete an urban street fashion look. You can wear boots or heels to complete this borough statement.

Skirts for women 2021 fashion update is all your wardrobe needs at the moment. Buy pleated skirts online at best prices in India to walk into 2021 with your own uptown attires.